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Dale A. Gregory Transportation Center at King Airport Opens for Public Parking on Monday, April 22

The Virgin Islands Port Authority announced today that the Dale A. Gregory Transportation Center will open to the public for parking at the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas on Monday, April 22, 2024.  The new parking facility will open at 6 a.m. daily.  Taxis and tour operators will use the first level. Public parking will be available on the second and third levels only, including nine spaces for travelers with disabilities located near the elevators on both levels. The parking rates are as follows:


Parking Time

Parking Rate

First 15 minutes


16 minutes – 1 Hour


1 - 2 Hours


2 - 3 Hours


3 - 4 Hours


4 - 5 Hours


5 - 24 Hours


Daily Rate


Lost Ticket Fee



The transportation center is partially completed and will operate under temporary restrictions until completion. Monthly parking will not be allowed until the garage is fully constructed.  The entrance to the parking facility will be via the ramp on the north side of the garage.  Parking attendants will be available to assist travelers using the facility.


Tenants and employees of the airport, including VIPA employees,  are also reminded that employee parking is not permitted in the Dale A. Gregory Transportation Center.  Any employee on duty who parks in the transportation center will be charged the full daily rate.


The temporary pick-up and drop-off areas remain the same.  The passenger pick-up location is at the front section (sidewalk) of the new Parking and Transportation Center. A crosswalk and ADA-accessible ramps are available from the terminal to the pick-up area to help pedestrians cross the road safely to the pick-up area.  VIPA police will also assist with traffic control and crossings during busy hours at the terminal.  Pick-up is not allowed on the road in front of the baggage claim area as this impedes traffic and causes congestion.


VIPA reminds travelers that curbside passenger drop-off at the CEKA Terminal should be done as quickly as possible to minimize congestion and traffic during the ongoing construction. Parking alongside the terminal is prohibited.


Delivery truck drivers doing business at CEKA may park alongside the terminal’s brick wall near Gate 11.  Deliveries must be made before 11 a.m. 


VIPA reminds the public to adhere to all parking signs and instructions from VIPA police at the airport who will be working to enforce safety precautions and minimize congestion at the airport.  VIPA also thanks the public for its patience as the agency works to complete the parking facility by December 2024.  Questions regarding using the transportation center should be directed to VIPA’s CEKA Parking Lot Manager, Carla Lake, at or 340-714-6607.






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