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Red Hook, St. Thomas

Urman Victor Fredericks Marine Terminal (Red Hook), is located on the eastern end of St. Thomas and primarily serves passengers traveling between St. Thomas and St. John, and St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.

Inside the 9,500-foot terminal are comfortable waiting areas with open-air seating along the dock; inter-island ferry ticket counters; restrooms; a bar and small restaurants; and other small stores.  The VIPA wharfinger's office is also located in the terminal. The terminal's parking lot can be used for daily or overnight parking (for a fee).

Travelers use the cargo dock at this facility to transport vehicles and other cargo between St. Thomas and St.  John. The dock is equipped with a roll-on/roll-off ramp. Restrooms are located in a building adjacent to the cargo dock for travelers' convenience.

This facility was built by Island Roads Corporation. Construction began in the fall of 2005 and was completed in Sept. 2007.  The $10 million construction of the cargo dock was financed in part by Federal Highway Administration GARVEE Bonds ($2.5 million) and a grant from the Federal Economic Development Administration ($1.5 million). The remainder was funded by the VI Port Authority.

This facility was named in honor of St. Thomas-born Urman Victor Fredericks by the USVI Legislature via Act No. 6897.

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Urman V. Fredericks Marine Terminal
Red Hook, St. Thomas

VIPA plans to build a 2,376 square foot two-story CBP building and a 4,040 square foot pier, occupy 9,600 square feet of submerged lands and dredge 36 cubic yards of material from the Red Hook harbor.  Once this facility comes online, it will augment the CBP services provided in the territory and reduce travel time between the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. Over 290,000 people travel to the British Virgin Islands via the USVI annually according to the pre-COVID-19 pandemic statistics.

Rendering of New Customs Building at Red Hook

Rendering of New Customs Building at Red Hook

Rendering of New Customs Building at Red Hook

Rendering of New Customs Building at Red Hook

Map of Project Site

Map of Project Site

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1926 - 1974

The marine terminal in Red Hook, St. Thomas was named by the 26th Legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands in honor of the late Captain Urman Victor Fredericks.  He was born on St. Thomas and later moved to St. John.   Fredericks was a skilled marine mechanic, heavy equipment operator, and licensed boat captain. He started a barge company and trucking corporation with a gentleman named Johnny Smith. They operated the barge between the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


Fredericks was credited as the visionary who recognized the need to develop the Red Hook port on St. Thomas to facilitate the transport of cargo and travelers between St. Thomas and St. John.  In 1966, he developed the Red Hook area into a cargo port for the operation of barges and as a passenger terminal.  He used his own heavy equipment to clear the land in Red Hook, with the assistance of his employees and family members.


Unfortunately, he passed before he could see the full development of the port after it was transferred to the Virgin Islands Port Authority in 1969.  Act No. 6897 was signed into law in September 2006 and named the marine passenger ferry terminal in Red Hook in honor of Urman Victor Fredericks.

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Noel Breeze Boynes Sr..png

Noel Breeze Boynes Sr.
Car Ferry Dock

Red Hook, St. Thomas

The car ferry dock at the Urman V. Fredericks Marine Facility in Red Hook is named in honor of Captain Noel "Breeze" Boynes Sr. It is primarily used by barge companies that provide daily, scheduled transportation for cargo and vehicles between St. Thomas and St. John.

Car Ferry Companies

Big Red Barge Co.

Telephone: (340) 227-0918

Global Marine LLC
Telephone: (340) 642-8893

Love City Car Ferries

Telephone: (340) 779-1739

Red Hook Car Ferry Dock 2.jpg
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