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Airport Rescue Firefighters

The brave fire fighting crew of our Airport Rescue and Fire Fighter (ARFF) team are available from 7 a.m. every morning, until the last flight lands at the airports on St. Thomas and St. Croix.  Our ARFF crew is trained specifically to extinguish aircraft fires. They assist airlines with the removal of disabled aircraft at our airports. Our ARFF crew are also certified first responders and are often the first medical personnel on the scene if a traveler has an emergency at any of our airports.  Our ARFF team is always ready to respond.

In the absence of any emergencies, our crews take shifts operating and maintaining our fire trucks and inspecting our airport runways for fire and aircraft hazards. They also spend time practicing, training, maintaining their fire fighting and other emergency equipment as well as up-keeping the firehouse.


Tours of our airport fire stations are offered year-round to schools, summer camps, and other educational organizations.  The tours of the station are conducted by our firefighters and include a detailed explanation of the role of airport firefighters, a tour of the entire station, a show and tell of the fire fighting gear and the highlight of the tour - a ride onboard one of our fire trucks.  To schedule a fire station tour, contact our public relations office.

Jerome Sheridan.jpg

Jerome Sheridan
Territorial Airport Manager


Joshua Gokool

ARFF Chief

Cyril E. King Airport 

St. Thomas

Joshua Gokool.png

Roger Lamothe

ARFF Chief

Henry E. Rohlsen Airport

St. Croix

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