The Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility, located in the heart of Frederiksted, is the only cruise ship port in St. Croix.  The 1,526-foot pier has drafts of 29 feet on the north and 36 feet on the south side of the pier.  The dock can accommodate the Radiance-Class and smaller cruise ships.  Anchorage is also available in the outer harbor for larger ships.  The platform of the pier is equipped with a fendering system that is designed for submarines. All berths at this facility have access to potable water and is requested through VIPA's marine office in St. Croix. 

The pier is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts, snorkeling, sport fishermen, and other ocean sport competitions.  However, access to the pier is restricted when there is a cruise ship in port, and only ship passengers and crew are allowed onto the pier. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming around the pier are not allowed when there is a ship docked both for the public's safety and for the security of the ship.

A shopping area is located within walking distance to the pier. Additionally, ground transportation and tours are available from the pier to historical sites, beaches and other excursions. There are public restrooms located near the entrance of the pier.  Several restaurants and stores are within walking distance of the pier.



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cruises to the U.S. Virgin Islands are temporarily suspended.



The town of Frederiksted was settled in the late 1600s and has a fascinating history. 

The original Frederiksted Pier was constructed in the early 1900s but was badly damaged during Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  It was opened as a cruise pier in 1994 and damaged again by Hurricane Marilyn in 1995.  Most of the old pier was removed and used to construct the existing pier.  In the early 2000s, a multi-million dollar revitalization of the waterfront park and pier transformed the historic Frederiksted waterfront and pier into the picturesque port that it is today.

The facility was named in honor of Ann Elizabeth Christian Abramson of St. Croix by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands via Act No. 6041, in honor of the former USVI Public Works Commissioner and VIPA Board Member who was responsible for much of the rejuvenation of the Frederiksted area.

Ann Elizabeth Christian Abramson