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Theovald Moorehead Dock and Terminal


Enighed Pond, Cruz Bay, St. John

The Theovald Eric Moorehead Dock and Terminal at Enighed Pond, St. John was officially opened on April 21, 2006. The pond was developed into a cargo facility to accommodate the increase of cargo traffic at the Victor William Sewer Marine Facility, which previously handled cargo and foreign vessels in a limited space in Cruz Bay, St. John. VIPA has `shifted all cargo activity to Enighed Pond.

The Moorehead facility consists of 650 lineal feet of berthing space for cargo vessels, six acres for cargo handling and storage, and a channel and turn-around area for vessels up to 175 feet in length with a draft of up to 12 feet.  VIPA added an administrative building at this cargo port, which houses the VIPA dock master's office and public restrooms.

This facility was named in honor of the late Theovald Eric Moorehead by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands via Act No. 6936.

Theovald Moorehead Dock and Terminal: Service
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