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VIPA Begins CEKA Taxiway Alpha West Rehab Project

The Virgin Islands Port Authority has started rehabilitating the western portion of Taxiway Alpha at the Cyril E. King Airport airfield. This project entails the removal of 58,000 square yards of asphalt from the taxiway. The asphalt will be replaced with Portland cement concrete (PCC), providing a smoother surface area, better durability than asphalt, and requires less maintenance. VIPA will also upgrade the existing light-emitting diode (LED) system on the airfield.

VIPA Executive Director Carlton Dowe said, “The asphalt on Taxiway Alpha West is over 30 years old. The King Airport now receives almost three times more traffic and larger, heavier aircraft than when the airport was built 30 years ago. These repairs are necessary to provide an efficient and safe airfield for all airport users.”

During the project's construction phase, travellers may experience minor delays during aircraft departures and arrivals at CEKA due to longer taxi times to the terminal. VIPA apologizes for the delays and appreciates the public’s patience as it works to improve its airport.

VIPA awarded this project to Grace Civil LLC and expects all work to be completed by January 2024. The project is estimated to cost $29.9 million - 90 percent of which is funded via a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. VIPA will fund the remaining 10 percent of the project.

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