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VIPA to Reopen Enighed Pond Gravel Parking Lot on July 1

The gravel parking lot at the Theovald E. Moorehead Dock and Terminal at Enighed Pond, St. John will reopen on July 1 as a paid parking facility. The parking rate will be $8 per day. The lot currently has 200 parking spaces available and will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. VIPA will install parking lot access control equipment within the next two months. After the parking equipment has been installed, the parking rates will be as follows:

First Half Hour Free

31 minutes – 1 hour $4.00

1-2 hours $6.00

2-3 hours $8.00

3-10 hours $12.00

10-24 hours $15.00

Lost Ticket $15.00 per day

Monthly Parking $175 per month

The Virgin Islands Port Authority removed dozens of derelict vehicles and equipment from the lot and spent $400,000 to clean the lot, expand the parking lot’s footprint to add an additional 50 parking spaces, regrade and resurface the lot with gravel, and erect new fencing, lighting, parking and security equipment. These improvements were completed in December 2019 and the lot has been open to the public for free use while VIPA awaited additional access control equipment. During the period of free use, the lot has unfortunately been re-populated with derelict vehicles. VIPA is asking the owners of any abandoned cars in the gravel lot at Enighed Pond to remove them before July 1. Any cars left in the lot after that time will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Free short-term parking will be available at VIPA’s parking lot at the Victor W. Sewer Marine Facility when the construction of the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility is completed, which is anticipated to be done later this summer. VIPA thanks the public for their patience as the Authority continues to work to upgrade its facilities and provide improved services to better serve residents and the traveling public.

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