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Customs to Resume Normal Operations at CEKA and Blyden Terminals on Friday

The Virgin Islands Port Authority is pleased to announce that repairs to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection screening areas have been completed at the Cyril E. King Airport Terminal and the Edward W. Blyden IV Marine Terminal on St. Thomas. Normal operations will resume at both terminals on Friday, February 28 said VIPA Executive Director Carlton Dowe.

Dowe apologized for the long lines at the CEKA Terminal while VIPA’s contractor mitigated environmental conditions during the construction. With the completion of these repairs, the long lines should be significantly reduced. VIPA will continue repairs in the terminal. During the construction phase, there may be unforeseen repairs that need to be urgently addressed, Dowe said. He thanked the public for their continued patience as VIPA works to improve its port facilities to better serve the public. VIPA will keep the community and the traveling public informed via regular updates issued via news releases that will also be shared on the Authority’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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