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Enighed Pond Cargo Storage Lot Restricted to Leased Usage Only Starting June 1

The cargo and trailer storage lot at the Theovald E. Moorehead Dock and Terminal at Enighed Pond, St John will be no longer be open for public use, announced the Virgin Islands Port Authority. Effective June 1, the lot is being converted to a 33CFR 126 federally secured area and will only be available for use by tenants who have executed a lease agreement with VIPA to utilize the lot for storage space. VIPA’s marine staff will contact the regular users of the lot to determine an operations schedule that will meet the needs of all of its users.

VIPA paved the trailer lot at the Moorehead Facility in 2015. The $1.2 million project was funded by the Authority’s 2014 Marine Revenue Bonds. VIPA recently spent $120,000 to install new lighting, security cameras and access control equipment to secure this essential cargo storage lot on St. John. For information about obtaining a lease agreement to use the cargo lot at the Moorehead facility at Enighed Pond, contact VIPA’s Property Management Department at (340) 774-2132 or e-mail

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