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The Port Engineers

Our engineers at the Port Authority make things happen! 

VIPA's director of engineering is charged with carrying out the Authority's capital projects plan as well as developing a five-year and 10-year agenda for future improvements.  Our engineers are dynamic and well versed in the fields of civil engineering.  They are involved in complex projects at our air and seaports. 

Airport projects can include work such as design plans, construction, heliports, airfield pavement; airport lighting, marking, signs, and other visual aids; safety during construction; surveying and GIS data; deicing, airport fire fighter facilities; bird radar and foreign object detection systems; and more. 

Marine projects involve dock and terminal construction; seaplane ports; major and maintenance dredging of our harbors. At both or air and seaports, our engineering staff is tasked with the installation of federally mandated security systems such as TWIC systems, gates, security cameras, alarms, etc.  VIPA's engineers have a full workload, but they manage to get the job done and keep the ports moving.  



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