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Corporate and Community Communications

The Virgin Islands Port Authority's public relations office is responsible for promoting the Authority's image both within the agency itself and to various external audiences. We aim to enhance and promote the reputation of the Port Authority through a variety of activities.

We act as a liaison between the VIPA staff and the media, offering advice to staff and training on how to deal with media inquiries. In addition we assist with the organization of corporate events and community programs. We also publish the majority of the agency's publications and manage all Internet sites and social media for the VI Port Authority.

Mrs. Monifa Brathwaite
Public Information Officer

  • Corporate Events

  • Publications

  • Internal Communications

  • Media Relations

  • VIPA Press Coverage Archives

  • Advertising

  • Banners and Signs - Events & Special Campaigns

Corporate events:

The Public Relations Office assists the managers of the VI Port Authority with the organization and management of corporate events, such as presentations to public and private organizations and public ceremonies. The Public Relations Office also produces promotional material and brochures for these events. Please visit the Calendar of Events page.


The VIPA Public Relations Office produces an annual report detailing the company's progress for the fiscal year (Oct. 1 through Sept. 31). We also produce a company newsletter, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, posters and other promotional and informational publications.

Internal communications:

The Virgin Islands Port Authority's newsletter, the VIPA Portfolio, is published in-house by the public relations staff. It features current news about VIPA projects, community involvement and employee achievements. To request a copy of back-issues of our newsletter, please send an e-mail to or call (340) 774-1629 ext. 6639.

Media relations:

All media inquiries should be directed to the VIPA Public Relations Office. We handle inquiries from the media including requests for expert commentators on a variety of issues, inquiries into using VIPA's facilities for film shoots or any public, non-profit event, and inquiries seeking the VIPA's response on breaking news regarding the travel industry in the U.S. Virgin Islands or VIPA facilities. We also seek to promote a positive and truthful image of the Authority by regularly issuing press releases about the agency's policies and achievements.

Media Inquiry Guidelines & Procedures:

Requests for Information
All requests for information must be made in writing to or to our Public Relations Office, VI Port Authority, PO Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI  00803-1707

Requests for Interviews
All requests for interviews with VIPA officials or employees must be made in writing to or to our Public Relations Office, VI Port Authority, PO Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI  00803-1707.

Interviews, Video and Photography at Port Facilities
If you would like to visit any of VIPA's seaports of airports to interview VIPA staff or the travelling public, please send your request in writing to or to our Public Relations Office, VI Port Authority, PO Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI  00803-1707.  If you are not sure who would be the best person to interview for your feature, please contact our public information officer at (340) 774-1629 ext. 6639.

Permission is required for video or photography at any of our seaports or airports. Please send a request in writing to if you would like to film or photograph scenes at our ports for news, film production or any other use.

Press Coverage Archive:

As a public government agency directly responsible for the major transportation facilities in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Port Authority receives a lot of coverage throughout the press. The VIPA public relations office office maintains an archive of all local news articles about VIPA, and keeps informed daily about articles published and other media outlets concerning not only the Authority, but also relating to the travel and tourism industries worldwide.


The VIPA PR office produces or coordinates the production of all the Authority's advertising, including but not limited to television, Internet, print, banners, electronic billboards, etc.  To coordinate an ad campaign or inform us of an advertising opportunity, please send your information in writing to or to our Public Relations Office, VI Port Authority, PO Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI  00803-1707.


Banners and Signs

Our public information officer must review and approve all request for signs and banners to be hung for free at our facilities to promote a local campaign or special event.   Please send your request to hang your banner or sign in writing at least two weeks prior to the event to or to our Public Relations Office, VI Port Authority, PO Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI  00803-1707.

To arrange paid advertisements via signs or banners at our port facilities, please click here.


Historical Information and Photographs:

The Port Authority has a collection of historical information and photographs of its facilities. The office also has an archive of VIPA annual reports dating back to the 1960's and newsletters dating back to the 1980's.

Website & Social Networks:

The VIPA Public Relations office developed and maintains the VIPA Web site: and the VIPA events calendar. Visitors to the site can find current information on the VIPA events, news releases and news articles, current and pending projects, and other announcements.  The public relations office also manages VIPA's social networks, to include Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Please direct questions about the VIPA online sites to or call at (340) 774-1629 ext. 6639.

Facility Tours:

Are you interested in visiting any of VIPA facilities and observing our operations? The public relations staff provide educational facility tours of port properties. For more information on facility tours, click here.

Contact the Public Relations Staff:

  • Monifa Brathwaite - Public Information Officer
  • Gail L. Chinnery - Management Assistant

Tel: (340) 774-1629 ext. 6639
Fax: (340) 714-1492


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