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Federal Transportation Agencies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The U.S. Department of Transportation

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The National Safety and Transportation Board

U.S. Customs and Border Protection 

U.S. Coast Guard



Travel and Tourism Related Web Sites

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

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U.S. Virgin Islands Government Agencies

Department of Finance
St. Thomas Tel: 774-4750
St. Croix Tel: 773-1105

Department of Justice
St. Thomas Tel: 774-5666
St. Croix Tel: 773-0295

Office of Management & Budget
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0750
St. Croix Tel: 778-8925

Department of Education
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0100
St. Croix Tel: 773-1095

Department of Public Works
St. Thomas Tel: 776-4844
St. Croix Tel: 773-1290

Department of Sports, Parks & Recreation
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0255
St. Croix Tel: 773-0160

Police Department
St. Thomas Tel: 774-2310
St. Croix Tel: 778-2211

Department of Property & Procurement
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0828
St. Croix Tel: 773-1561

Department of Tourism
St. Thomas Tel: 774-8784
St. Croix Tel: 773-0495

Department of Agriculture
St. Thomas Tel: 778-0997
St. Croix Tel: 774-5182

Department of Labor
St. Thomas Tel: 776-3700
St. Croix Tel: 773-1994

Department of Health
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0117
St. Croix Tel: 773-6551

Department of Human Services
St. Thomas Tel: 774-0930
St. Croix Tel: 773-2980

Department of Planning & Natural Resources
St. Thomas Tel: 774-3320
St. Croix Tel: 773-1082

Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs
St. Thomas Tel: 774-3130
St. Croix Tel: 773-2226

Division of Personnel
St. Thomas Tel: 774-8588
St. Croix Tel: 773-0341

Office of Collective Bargaining
St. Thomas Tel: 774-6450
St. Croix Tel: 713-0735

Internal Revenue Bureau
St. Thomas Tel: 774-5865
St. Croix Tel: 773-1040

Fire Department
St. Thomas Tel: 774-7610
St. Croix Tel: 773-8050

National Guard
St. Thomas Tel: 712-7711
St. Croix Tel: 777-7202

Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA)
St. Thomas Tel: 774-2244
St. Croix Tel: 773-2244

Inspector General
St. Thomas Tel: 774-3388
St. Croix Tel: 773-2-3936

Department of Veteran's Affairs
St. Thomas Tel: 773-6663
St. Croix Tel: 774-6100

Economic Development Authority
St. Thomas Tel: 773-6499
St. Croix Tel: 774-8104


Bureau of Economic Research
St. Thomas Tel: 714-1700

Motor Vehicle Bureau
St. Thomas Tel: 713-4268
St. Croix Tel: 774-4268

V. I. Legislature
St. Thomas Tel: (340) 774-0880
St. Croix Tel: (340) 773-2424
St. John Tel: (340) 776-6285

V. I. Port Authority You are here!
St. Thomas Tel: (340) 774-1629
St. Croix Tel: (340) 778-1012

V. I. Water and Power Authority
St. Thomas/Water Island: (340) 774-3552
St. John: (340) 776-6446
St. Croix: (340) 773-2250

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Virgin Islands Port Authority
8074 Lindbergh Bay
P.O. Box 301707
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands  00803-1707
Tel: (340) 774-1629  Fax: (340) 774-0025 / 
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